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Saint of the Month

Saint Joseph was the husband of Mary and the adoptive father of Jesus. He is also known for his humble obedience and faith. He is the principal patron of Canada and of the universal Church as well as of children, educators and teachers. What we know of him comes from scripture, although it does not record anything that he said.

Symbols of Our Faith

The Stations of the Cross are a popular Lenten devotion that symbolize the events of the life of Jesus during his passion and death. Traditionally, there are 14 stations, however, sometimes a 15th station is added to include the resurrection of Christ. The object of this devotion is to make us faithful in spirit. Pope John Paul II prepared a scriptural way of the cross in 1991.

Prayer of the Month

Loving God, as we continue to journey through the season of Lent, fill us with your mercy and grace that we may walk in the way of holiness. Give us a hunger for scripture as well as a humble and teachable spirit that your word may enlighten our minds, permeate the depth of our being, and bring us into greater freedom and truth. Deepen our understanding of your ways and lead us in our efforts to love as you love. May we be transformed into the image of Christ and may our works of peace and justice give witness to the world that we live for Christ. Amen.

Share Goodness

A popular tradition for Lent is to give something up until after Easter, and this year, many people are drained from our long winter alongside the added challenge of the pandemic. This Lent, challenge yourself to see the ways that you can add to your life and the lives of those around you. Here are some ideas for how to show up for each other this month: donate to a women’s shelter for International Women’s Day (March 8), plan a weekly Zoom call with friends who may be feeling socially isolated, or be a friend or family member’s accountability buddy as you learn a new skill or hobby together.